Iraqi forces kill Islamic State’s “man in black” in Kirkuk raid

Islamic State militants

Kirkuk ( A notorious Islamic State militant was killed in an operation by Iraqi security forces in Kirkuk, an intelligence source was quoted saying on Thursday.

The source told Alsumaria News that “security forces, in a special operation, managed to kill “the black-dressed”, a senior leader of Daesh terrorist gangs, along with six of his companions, having received accurate intelligence information about their presence at a home in Dibis, Kirkuk”.

According to the source, who asked not to be named, “the black terrorist is one of Daesh’s most dangerous leaders, and had been responsible for the recent explosions that took place in the city”. He added that “maps of targets of attacks were found in his possession”.

The source labelled the death of that militant as “paralyzing to the dormant cells in Kirkuk”.

Iraqi forces recaptured Islamic State’s strongholds in Kirkuk province last September as part of a wide-scale military operation to retake areas occupied by IS militants since 2014. The government said last December it had seized back all territories held by the group in Iraq. But Kirkuk, and other recaptured areas, have seen occasional attacks by the militants against security forces., sparking fears that the group might still represent a security threat through hiding cells.


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