Iraqi forces kill senior ISIS leader, his aide, northeast of Tikrit

dfffffSalahuddin ( On Sunday, a security source in Salahuddin province said, that the ISIS governor (Wali) of al-Hajaj and Albu-Tema areas has been killed alongside his aide in a military operation in northeast of Tikrit.

The source stated to IraqiNews in an interview, “Today, a force from the Omaya al-Jabbara Battalion has managed to kill the ISIS governor (Wali) of al-Hajaj and Albu-Tema areas, known as Abu Maria, along with his key assistant near the area of Ajil oilfield in northeast of Tikrit city,” noting that, “The terrorists were heading towards the district of al-Hawija.”

“The operation was based on intelligence received from the residents of the local area near Ajil field,” the source added.

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