Updated: Iraqi forces recapture village in Mosul, ISIS shell a liberated one

Iraqi troops raise the Iraqi flag on a liberated area in Mosulز
Iraqi troops raise the Iraqi flag on a liberated area in Mosul.

( Baghdad – Iraqi joint forces recaptured on Wednesday the village of Tal Akoub, north of al-Zab, Mosul, from Islamic State militants, commander of the operations said, while ISIS shelled an already liberated village.

Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah, commander of operation “We Are Coming, Nineveh,” said the 9th armoured division liberated the village and raised the Iraqi flag above its buildings.

Meanwhile, Rudaw news network said several casualties fell Wednesday as ISIS shelled al-Zahraa village with mortar bombs. Al-Zahraa was recaptured by Iraqi forces last week.

Its reporter quoted a young man as saying that a lady and her four kids were killed in the bombardment. The did not set a definite count of deaths, but said that casualties were taken to hospitals by military vehicles.

Iraqi forces, assisted by US-led air forces and popular militias, have entered a month of battles to liberate Mosul from ISIS militants who had proclaimed the city as the capital of their “Islamic Caliphate” before surrendering to consecutive victories by the Iraqi forces and losing much ground.

Last week, the US-led coalition said 1363 ISIS militants were killed since the start of battles for Mosul. On Tuesday, the joint forces said in a press conference Iraqi and international forces had killed more than 1300 militants on the southern axis of Mosul operations.

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