Iraqi forces storm more districts in Mosul, chemical counter-attacks feared

Iraqi rapid response forces ride in a military vehicle during a fight with Islamic State militants in Intisar district of eastern Mosul, Iraq, (Reuters)

Nineveh ( Iraqi forces stormed on Wednesday more districts in eastern Mosul as operations continue to clear that region from Islamic State militants.

The army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service forces invaded on Wednesday al-Maliya district, and moved deeper in April 7th and Seddiq neighborhoods in the same region. Forces engaged in ferocious fights with IS fighters at those regions, according to Rudaw agency, which also said aerial bombardment killed 60 militants.

Meanwhile, Federal Police forces said they arrested six militants, including a Syrian, at al-Mithaq district, south of the city.

Also on Wednesday, a spokesperson of the oil ministry said ministry teams put out fires set by IS combatants at an oil field south of Mosul, bringing the total of oil wells extinguished by the ministry, since militants pulled out from the town of Qayyara, to 17.

As commanders said recently they were preparing to storm the strategic Mosul University campus, a vital IS hideout, senior CTS commander, Sami al-Aridi, said the move needs “special plans” due to reports that the campus might contain “chemical substances” taken by the militants from university labs for combat purposes.

“Mosul University is an outstanding target, and has to have a special plan,” Aridi said in press statements. “Security forces have taken all precautions anticipating that Daesh(Islamic State) could strike back at the forces with chemical substances.”

Iraqi forces have become in control over nearly 50 out of 84 districts in eastern Mosul, and commanders declared earlier this week they had reached the eastern bank of the Tigris River, which bisects the city. IS still maintains strongholds in the west.

Iraqi military media have put the number of IS militants killed since the launch of operations in October at at least 1757.


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  1. hi i’m trying to fallow the war in mosul , neighborhood by neighborhood on google maps , but most of the neighborhood in your news articals can not find on google maps . please help us challenged americans .

  2. you’re trusting the iraqi govt to say that things in mosul are going just a o k…I have a bridge to sell yah.

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