Iraqi forces storm into eastern Mosul’s biggest district

Military vehicles of the Iraqi army take part in an operation against Islamic State militants in Gogjali neighborhood in Mosul, Iraq, December 4, 2016. REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani

Nineveh ( Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Forces on Sunday moved inside the district of Fallaghat, eastern Mosul’s biggest district, as part of operations to clear the eastern section of the city from Islamic State militants.

The forces commander, Abdel Wahab al-Saedi, said in statements that the forces made incursions at the outskirts of Fallahat, preparing to clear the whole neighborhood from ISIS.

He said the operation was faring well despite resistance from ISIS combatants.

CTS commanders said two days ago they had become in control over 24 eastern Mosul districts, accounting for at least 50 percent of that region. The success comes as part of operations that launched in October to retake the city from ISIS.

ISIS remains in control over most of the western regions adjacent to the Syrian borders, but Iraqi government and militia commanders say the city has become isolated from Syria, with supply routes for the group from Syria almost cut.

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