Iraqi government objects US airstrikes, arming peshmerga without permission

Iraqi government objects US airstrikes, arming peshmerga without permission

Baghdad ( The office of the Commanding General of the Iraqi Armed Forces announced that “The Iraqi Government did not give permission for any military plane to violate the Iraqi space,” in a sign to the US airstrikes targeting the shelters of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant near Erbil and Mosul.

A statement by the office received by cited “During the last few days, we noticed violation of some military air-jets for Iraqi space and handing over of military equipment without permission of the Iraqi Government,” which is a sign for providing the Kurdish peshmerga with western weapons.

The statement added “We welcome the supportive stances of the international community for Iraq in its war against terrorism but we assert the necessity of respecting the sovereignty of Iraq.” /End/


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  1. This Office must be joking. While iraqui tropps run away and Persmerga fights the terrorists to save Bahgdad from being invaded, they shouldn’t be equiped. How stupid can. one be? Is these Woods from Maliki?

  2. Cowards can’t fight with terrorists… but wont allow Kurds to fights either… Kurds have suffered a lot under Iranian, Iraqis, Turkish… no it is time for independence from these occupying forces…. It is has nothing to do with religion/western exploitation… Kurds have suffered more under their co-coreligionists than western government …

  3. I didn’t realize it was US. That brought the military equipt. I had read it on facebook. Well thank God for the help! Praying over you Iraq!

  4. Hilarious, peshmerga didn’t come into picture until kurdistan was attacked.. Baghdad was saved by seestani’s call…else it wud hv been invaded by isis.

  5. “The office of the Commanding General of the Iraqi Armed Forces ” has done a wonderful job defending Northern Iraq from IS … the tactic is to run away so fast that the enemy will probably die laughing, let them carry on …On the other hand you could have American air support and brave Peshmerga fighters protecting you. What idiots to make such a statement that the air space is being violated!

  6. Iraqi government objects us airstrikes arming peshmerga without permission Iraqi government objects US airstrikes, arming peshmerga without permission we assert the necessity of respecting the sovereignty of Iraq.” /End/…………. REALLY>>????????

    ***** Are you Fing” Kidding me ???? That’s what got you in the mess to begin with !! you dumb Mother Fukers !!!!!!!! …Obama needs to tell them RIGHT NOW !!!! ..we don’t need your permission !!! We Gave You Your “Sovereignty” A******s !!!!!!!!*****

  7. Screw Iraq. If their own politicians and their own people are not able to do the right thing and live together in the same country, then they are getting exactly what they deserve.

  8. Coward iraqi army run away in the first place and left all American weapons to IS. Malki you are the biggest loser a*****e. If peshmerga don’t get weapons and iraqi army are coward useless so isis will kill every one.

  9. Iraqi government create all problem, now they want permission from them unbelievable.
    Isis = Nazism even worse, and what the World did in the Second War World, they should do the same with Isis as soon as possible without any doubt.

  10. “The Islamic State (IS) is a covert intelligence operation by the United States which aims at setting a predicate for further escalation in Iraq, Francis Boyle, a constitutional scholar and law professor at University of Illinois, told RIA Novosti.”

  11. Kurd peshmerga ran like rabbits when ISIL came to Sinjar..Syrian Kurds from PYD and PKK helped them. The dam Bazarni Peshmerga are an insult to Kurds. Bazarnii is Kurd thief of Iraq oil..

    Funny how Bazarni. The Mosul Governor of Ninewa cut a deal with exxon Mobil and took Land from the Yezidi. Next Stop for Bazarni is sanctuary in his mountain top retreat with his fleet of 12 helicopters, that he refused to be allowed to be used to help the Yezidi

  12. The thief from Baghdad has spoken! After arming ISIS with american weapons, financing ISIS with closed to a billion USD from Mosul and Tikrit banks, giving ISIS oil fields, refineries and doing nothing to defense Samarra and preparing to offer Sistani. All these just for creating a mess in order to stay in power.

    Very soon, the immunity of this thief will be canelled and the thief will be prosecuted. A very similar development to the history of the other thief from Tikrit.

  13. When you have tow corrupt leaders in Erdogan of Turkey, and his pet poodles (Chiken bazarni) (Weasel Atheel Nujaifi) what do you expect. Turkey lets ISIL in , the Syrian Kurds and PKK kick ISIL backside. The Yank Plank air force did nothing to protect Shia , Turkmen, Sunni s, Yezidis ,the Iranians helped after Jala Talabani called on them to help and with the Kurds who oppose Chiken Bazarni , they went after ISIL… Its all one way, the KRG as oil revenues from Iraq oil oil fields since 2005 and given nothing back…The KRG spent $1.4 million dollars lobbying in washington Last year, while they said they had no money,

    Wait while the UK turn up with another kurd puppet

  14. While the government of Iraq is unformed and dysfunctional, it is unrealistic to ask for anything ore to wait for an answer. The government of Iraq has had two years to do something an d failed, it would be crazy to wait on Iraq any longer. Hopefully a new government will form and will function.

  15. Really? And what are you going to do about it? arabs just like the turks stupid and shameful…
    shamefull iraq turks… f**k iraq.. ugly arabs.. long live Kurdistan, Israel and USA.
    iraq such as stupid name. shameful iraq

  16. The Kurds are using what we gave them [not laying them down] and all they want is weapons; Not Troops. Praise The Lord, Pass The Ammunition…..

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