Iraqi intelligence apprehend 2 IS terrorists in Baghdad

Iraqi intelligence apprehend 2 IS terrorists in Baghdad
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Baghdad (IraqiNews) Security Media Cell announced, on Tuesday, that security forces apprehended two Islamic State terrorists in Baghdad, including the IS Leader of Wilayat al-Falluja.

The Cell said in a statement that Iraqi Intelligence forces managed through preemptive operation to arrest two terrorists belonging to the Islamic State group, west of Baghdad. It also added that one of the terrorists was the Islamic State Leader of the so-called Wilayat al-Fallujah.

The apprehended leader guided the security forces to a hideout that had two containers of Ammonium Nitrates substance, the statement added.

Furthermore, the statement indicated that the operation was carried out after setting an ambush, backed by Baghdad Intelligence forces.

It is noteworthy that Iraqi security forces manage, from time to time, to arrest wanted persons on criminal and terrorism charges, in different areas of the country.

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