Iraqi intelligence apprehend IS’s Rashidiyah branch founder in Diyala

Iraqi intelligence apprehend IS's rashidiyah branch founder in Diyala
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Diyala (IraqiNews) Iraqi Intelligence announced, on Wednesday, apprehending the founder of the Islamic State group’s branch in Rashidiyah District, north of Baghdad. The Intelligence directorate indicated that the terrorist was apprehended in Diyala Province.

In a press statement, the directorate said, “Based on accurate information, detachments of the military intelligence directorate, backed by the 1st Infantry brigade, apprehended one of the dangerous terrorists in Khan Beni Saad area, in Diyala Province.”

This terrorist founded a branch for the Islamic State group in Rashidiyah District in Baghdad, the statement added.

After being followed by military intelligence officers, he was forced to flee to Diyala where he was assigned to lead a terrorist group, the statement further explained. The military intelligence officers were able to ambush and arrest him.

The detainee comes from a terrorist family where his mother and sister are imprisoned on charges of terrorism, while his father and brothers fled to neighboring countries. He is also wanted on different charges, including terrorism.

In 2017, Iraqi government announced regaining its entire territory from the IS grip, backed by the US-led international coalition. However, the terrorist group still has dormant cells in different areas of the country.

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