Iraqi intelligence arrest IS suicide bombers transporter in Mosul

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Mosul ( – Iraqi military intelligence forces arrested on Sunday an Islamic State terrorist, who was tasked with helping suicide bombers to carry out terrorist attacks in Nineveh.

In a press statement, the Iraqi Military Intelligence Directorate said that its troops have arrested an Islamic State militant in Al Makhmur district in Mosul based on intelligence reports.

“The terrorist was responsible for transporting suicide bombers to carry out terrorist attacks and then securing safe havens for them,” the statement read.

The arrestee was wanted by the Iraqi judiciary on terror charges.

Iraq’s anti-terrorism law empowers courts to convict people who are believed to have helped jihadists even if they are not accused of carrying out attacks.

Experts estimate that Iraq is holding 20,000 people in jail over suspected IS membership. However, there is no official figure with the Iraqi government declining to provide estimates about the number of the foreign detained militants or those who have Arab or Iraqi origins.

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