Iraqi military says no troops shelled by U.S.-Coalition in Syria

PMF Fighters

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Military has said troops on borders with Syria were not shelled by the U.S.-led Coalition troops, while other forces that were shelled were 1500 kilometers in the depth of Syria lands, adding that there were no communication with those forces.

In a statement, the Security Media Center said “security troops, including army, police and al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) are working on securing the Iraqi borders as well as the Syrian borders. Those forces were not exposed to either airstrikes or other strikes.”

Earlier today, PMFs said up to 34 fighters of its members were killed and wounded Sunday after the U.S.-led international coalition targeted a military outpost in the Syrian city of Al-Bu Kamal.

“We would like to confirm that were were not in communication with them and there was no coordination with security troops and the forces that were shelled,” it added.

“As we feel sorry for the fall of victims in Syria and offer our condolences to families of the victims and injured, we conducted investigations on the authorities in question regarding the loss of Iraqi people and violating the Iraqi-Syrian sovereignty,” the statement said.

The center also indicated contacting the head of PMFs, who “clarified that he did not check the statement issued by the forces and that no PMFs were outside the Iraqi-Syrian borders.”

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