Iraqi police recapture public hospital western Mosul

Iraqi Federal Police troops.

Nineveh ( The Iraqi Federal Police command said Thursday its forces had recaptured a public hospital in western Mosul from Islamic State militants, hours after other commanders reported a halt in advances.

Lt. Gen. Shaker Jawdat said in statements that the Forces recaptured the Nineveh civil hospital in central Mosul, adding that Iraqi fighter jets also bombed several locations held by the extremist group in al-Hadbaa region.

Nineveh Civil Hospital in western Mosul (Google Maps)

Jawdat’s announcement came shortly after some security commanders said ground advances inside central Mosul’s strategic Old City district were halting due to bad weather.

Iraqi commanders said recently they became in control over 60 percent of western Mosul since operations to recapture that area launched in February. The government said late January its forces fully retook the eastern side of the city.

On Wednesday, the troops regained control over the third of Mosul’s five bridges which connect both sides of the city, and said earlier they recaptured 90 percent of the Old City, a densely-structured district which Iraqi commanders view as essential for victory over IS.

Maj. Gen. Thamer Ismail, commander of the Rapid Response forces, was quoted as saying in a press statement that security operations for Thursday were going to rely merely on drone strikes, rockets and artillery bombardments without ground offensives due to “bad weather conditions and rains”.

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