Iraqi police stop child suicide bomber

Kurdish security forces detain the boy, who is thought to be as young as 12
Kurdish security forces detain the boy, who is thought to be as young as 12

( Kirkuk – Security forces in Kirkuk on Sunday foiled an attack by a boy in his early teens who reportedly attempted to blow himself up in a residential district using an explosives vest concealed beneath an oversize football shirt.

Footage from the scene of the incident, which took place just hours after a separate bombing at a Shia mosque nearby injured three people, showed police surrounding the boy, thought to be as young as 12, before removing an explosives vest.

Footage showed the boy crying and screaming after the vest was taken off, as he was surrounded by security officials.

The boy told police during interrogation that he had been forced to attempt the attack by a gang of masked men, who kidnapped him and placed the explosives vest on him, a Kirkuk intelligence official told Iraqi News.



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  1. This young man had just finished with his second semester of bomb-building at school. He built an “alarm clock” last semester and now he has moved up to to vests. At 13 years of age, I hear they learn how to construct IEDs in class.

  2. Stanley and Steve Please leave dipsticks. Making fun of these incidents is typical. Please find a cliff and jump when ready.

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