Iraqi security arrest three foreign Islamic State women in Mosul

Female fighters of Islamic State wave the “V” victory sign

Nineveh ( – Iraqi troops arrested on Tuesday three foreign women of Islamic State in Mosul city while trying to flee the country into Syria.

Captain Khalil Ibrahim, from the 15th division of the Iraqi army, told SNG agency that the trio, including two Syrians and a Turkish, were found to have been working for Islamic State’s Hisbah “vigilantism” Diwan during the terrorist group’s capture of Mosul in 2014.

They were taken to the Nineveh operations command for interrogation over crimes they committed against Mosul residents, Ibrahim pointed out.

Iraqi courts have sentenced tens of Islamic State members, including a big number of female members, to death over joining the militant group. The exact number of detained militants is still unknown, however, it’s estimated to be at thousands. It’s also unclear how many members are likely to face death sentences.

Iraqi forces recaptured Mosul from the militants last July, and declared an all-out victory over the group in Iraq last December. Despite the group’s crushing defeat at its main havens across Iraq, Islamic State continues to launch sporadic attacks against troops with security reports warning that the militant group still poses a threat against stability in the country.

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