Iraqi Security Committee warns of US airstrikes against Iraqi forces during Mosul battle

Iraqi army forces. File photo.
Iraqi army forces. File photo.

( Baghdad – The Parliamentary Committee for Security and Defense considered, on Sunday, the targeting of the Syrian army by the US- led international coalition aircraft as “conclusive evidence” on the US support towards ISIS, warning of repeating this act during the military operations to liberate Mosul.

Parliamentary Committee member, MP Eskander Witwet said, “The United States is a doubtful partner in our fighter against ISIS as it targeted our armed forces several times, as well as targeted the Syrian army yesterday. An international investigation should be carried out in this regard.”

“Targeting the Syrian army by the US- led international coalition is a conclusive evidence about the US support to ISIS. The situation is a dangerous one as the same may be repeated in the upcoming military operations to liberate Mosul,” Witwet added.

It may be mentioned here that four US-led international coalition jets on Saturday evening targeted a position of the Syrian army in near Deir ez-Zor Airport, killing over 60 soldiers and wounding more than 100 others.


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  1. That is b******t. Without the help of the U.S. ISIS would still have alot of Iraqi territory. How come nobody mentions the bombings and chemicals used by Russia and the Syrian army against its own citizens and hospitols and look at how many times Russia bombed Syrian rebels who were also fighting ISIS??? Then alot of countrys wonder why America stops supporting countrys that want our help. Because they forget that we helped them gain freedom just for them to turn around and stab America in the back.

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