Iraqi security forces impose full control over Rutba District

Iraqi security forces. File photo.
Iraqi security forces. File photo.

( Anbar – The media officials with the Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday, that Anbar Operations Command imposed its full control over the district of Rutba.

The officials said in a press statement, “The joint security forces imposed their full control over the district of Rutba, after eliminating the ISIS presence in the areas of al-Mithaq, al-Hara and al-Zaitoun,” adding that, “The security troops secured the civilian houses and governmental buildings in the district.”

“The security forces raised the Iraqi flag over the mayor’ office in Rutba,” the statement added. “Army and police forces searched all buildings in the area and started to remove the remnants left by the ISIS,” the statement explained.

Yesterday, ISIS launched a violent attack on Rutba district from several directions, while the Mayor of the district Imad al-Dulaimi called Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to send military reinforcements to the district.

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