Iraqi security forces repel ISIS attack west of Ramadi

Iraqi army forces. Archival photo.
Iraqi army forces. Archival photo.

( al-Anbar – On Monday the commander of the al-Jazeerah and al-Badiyah Operations Command announced, that the security forces had managed to repel a suicide attack by three booby-trapped vehicles in western Ramadi.

Major General Ali Ibrahim Daboun, the commander of al-Jazeerah and al-Badiyah Operation, stated in an interview for, “A joint force from al-Jazeerah and al-Badiyah Operations Command and the eighteenth brigade of the federal police, was able to repel an attack carried out by ISIS at the Kilo-35 area west of the city of Ramadi.”

Daboun added, “The joint force had managed to destroy 2 booby-trapped tankers and a booby-trapped bulldozer, while killed everyone inside them,” adding that “Two members of the security forces have been wounded in the clashes during the attack.”


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  1. These daily very small suicide attacks plus mines on roads and booby trapped buildings are very successful at slowing down or stopping many thousands of well armed and well supported Iraqi forces from advancing to liberate Ramadi and Fallujah. It appears that Iraq wants its forces to advance very cautiously to avoid casualties to its forces but each day ISIS kills civilians in the occupied areas so instead of Iraqi force casualties there are civilian casualties and where they need to be liberated and the sooner the better for as each day passes the civilians become more convinced that Iraq does not care about the civilians.

  2. That’s right. The Iraqi army is another paid militia for its masters, the US. Its objectives are to protect the incumbent government & oil supplies to the west. Civilians are sitting ducks, and have no protection. Isis are gaining strength each day, and are the single most dominant force in the AsSham. It took 150 isis commandos to overrun Ramadi, with 1500 Iraqi militias running for their life !!

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