Iraqi security probe death of police member by coalition fire in Kirkuk

International coalition aircraft. File photo.

Baghdad ( Iraqi security authorities are investigating the death of one of its officers in by friendly fire from international coalition fighter jets in Kirkuk.

The Security Media Cell said ” the Joint Operations Command has formed an investigation panel in the  martyrdom of a fighter from the Federal Police’s 11th Brigade and the injury of two others when coalition war jets were providing backup for the Counter-terrorism service during a landing operation in al-Dub region, Kirkuk”.

The security media outlet said the forces have also uncovered a network of tunnels used by Islamic State extremists in Kirkuk. It said the tunnels enabled the terrorists to easily move between mountains and to escape reconnaissance planes.

Iraq declared victory over Islamic State extremists and the recapture of territories under their control late 2017, but security authorities still struggle against remnant cells at desert and border areas. A U.S. -led coalition has assisted Iraqi forces in their battles against the extremist group.

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