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Iraq vows to eliminate White Flags group very soon

 Iraq vows to eliminate White Flags group very soon

Banner of the White Flags group. File Photo

The banner of the White Flags group

Baghdad (Iraqinews.com) – Iraqi troops will crush the recently-emerged White Flags group very soon, a military spokesman said on Monday.

“The terrorist White Flags group does not pose a major threat to the security situation in Iraq since its members are estimated at dozens,” Spokesperson for the Joint Operations Command Brigadier General Yahya Rasool said in a statement, quoted by Alghad Press.

“Members of the Whit Flags group cannot carry out brutal attacks in Iraq given that they do not have any capabilities to do so,” Rasool stressed, adding that the Iraqi Armed Forces, which defeated the more dangerous Islamic State group, is capable of crushing this small group easily.

“The Joint Operations Command has a complete database about the White Flags group and will launch an attack on it at the right time,” he noted.

Speaking about the White Flags’ main goal, Rasool said, “This unlawful group aims at fomenting sedition in Iraq through targeting innocent people in areas like Tuz Khurmatu to prove that terrorism still exists and was not defeated.”

Rasool reiterated that the Joint Operations Command is determined to stand up to any attempt aimed at destabilizing Iraq or endangering the life of its people. “We will not allow terrorism to emerge again in Iraq under any circumstances,” Rasool stressed.

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