Iraqi troops enter Qayarrah, kill Chechen ISIS leader

Iraqi troops attacking ISIS. File Photo
Iraqi troops attacking ISIS. File Photo

( Nineveh – Nineveh operations command on Tuesday announced that ISIS leader was killed in Qayyarah after the security forces reportedly entered the district.

In a statement issued to the media Amir Wathiq, an official of the Nineveh operations command, said, “Iraqi troops and ISIS militants were engaged in a heavy gunfight today in Qayyarah, which destroyed 23 car bombs of the outfit.”

“In the battle, forces gunned down dozens of ISIS militants including Abu Futuhi, the Chechen ISIS leader in Qayyarah,” Wathiq further added.

In another statement issued to the media, commander of Nineveh operations Najim al-Jabouri, said, “Iraqi troops have entered Qayyarah in southern Mosul on the west bank of Tigris River.”

It may be recalled here that Qayyarah has been under ISIS control since 2014 and the airbase of the city was liberated recently by the Iraqi forces in collaboration with the international coalition aviation.

“Liberating Qayyarah and other ISIS-held areas to the south of Mosul will help the Iraqi army in drawing the last blood against ISIS in central Mosul- considered as the main ISIS bastion in Iraq,” further added Jabouri.

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