Iraqi troops raid al-Thawra district, western Mosul

Federal police members aim their weapons at a man, whom they thought was a member of Islamic State but later turned out to be mentally handicapped, during a battle with Islamic State fighters at Bab al Beed district in the old city of Mosul
REUTERS/Youssef Boudlal

Mosul ( Iraqi troops raided on Sunday Mosul’s Old City, while army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service stormed al-Thawra district, located in western Mosul.

In remarks, Major General Gaafar al-Battat, chief of staff of the Federal Police, said “our forces raided the Old City through several axis in order to reach to the center of the Old City, controlled by the Islamic State.”

“Federal Police are advancing through Bab al-Tob, Bab Sinjar and Bab al-Jadid. IS resists fiercely through snipers deployed on tops of the buildings and using three booby-trapped vehicles.

Meanwhile, Captain Jabbar Hassan, from the Iraqi military, said CTS raided al-Thawra district, in western Mosul from two axis that are covered by U.S-led coalition and Iraqi jets.

“The troops started the raid through the two previously- liberated districts of al-Orouba and al-Abar,” he said adding that “fierce battles are currently ongoing between Iraqi troops and IS militants.”

Joint Operations Command, said in a statement earlier on Sunday that Federal Police and Rapid Response forces had put the Old City under full siege, cutting IS’s supply routes to that area, which used to extend from neighboring Zanjili and 17 Tamuz districts.

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