ISIL commander killed in Anbar by joint army-police forces

Battles between a joint army-police force and members of the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL) in Anbar’s al-Karma on Wednesday (June 11th) resulted in the death of Abu Talha al-Jumaily, the ISIL local “emir”, police said.

“A group of armed ISIL terrorists tried to attack the first production line at the cement factory in an attempt to take control of it, as they wanted to use its high towers for sniper and surveillance operations,” Anbar police chief Maj.

Gen. Ismail al-Dulaimi told “The army and police forces clashed with them and managed to kill six gunmen and to arrest a seventh.”

Al-Jumaily had been wanted by the judiciary in connection with terrorism charges, al-Dulaimi added.
The clashes also killed three soldiers and two policemen, he said, adding that security forces have increased their presence in the area in order to prevent further attacks.

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