2 ISIL leaders killed by US led-coalition air strike in Mosul

2 ISIL leaders killed by US led-coalition air strike in Mosul

Nineveh( A security source reported that two ISIL leaders were killed by a US-led coalition air strike northern Mosul.

“The US-led coalition jet fighters conducted an air strike today in Al-Rashidia sub-district of northern Mosul, killing two Iraqi ISIL leaders, known as Abid Hamud and Abu Zakaria”, the security source told /End/


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  1. Firstly remember secret spy NSA operative Snowden who told the world on what the US and other Western countries were doing. Now think about that and this.
    The Western countries in the International Coalition do have high tech facilities that they can listen into mobile phone communications and can even tell exactly where the mobile phones are by the phones radio transmissions or using the phones GPS signal position. So maybe the Western International Coalition did use the mobile phones that the ISIL leaders had with them and airstrike targeted their mobile phones and that might be how they killed them.
    Many foreign ISIL fighters do have mobile phones so maybe they might also be used to airstrike target all those ISIL fighters mobile phones and kill all of them.

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