ISIL terrorists threaten to burn homes in Sharqat unless residents return

SharqatSalah al-Din ( On Friday the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) terrorists gave families of Sharqat district in Salah al-Din province 24 hours to return to their houses and declare repentance otherwise their houses will be burned.

The reporter of said “Al-Sharqat residents have left out their houses, fearing from ISIL militants’ tyranny, and refusing their presence in the district.” Moreover, the reporter ISIL terrorist gangs had already acquired all of the civilians’ modern cars, and began to use them in their terrorist operations.


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  1. its all the fault off those cowards how runned for there life’s like dogs and letting women man children in the hands off those monsters I think the only way Iraq can revenge this act is by expelling emulating al those terrorist and fiercely punching those defecting soldiers ifen maybe by death

  2. So your choice is return and be murdered or stay away and have your home burned to the ground…you can have the house. Not much of a choice on that one.

  3. ISIS must have fewer brain cells than I originally thought. Let’s home the Iraqi security forces do a number on them. Maybe capture a bunch, behead them and stick the severed heads in poles around the cities. Fight terror with terror.

  4. Harami suar ki aulado ISIS ke terroristo mullo madachodo kutto tumnay duniya main Isalm ko badnaam karkay rakh diya hai salo suaro tum kutto ki maut jaldi hi aanay wali hai tum suaro ko marnay ka baad hur nahi suar milayga samjhay suaro.

  5. let them to burn the homes. A burnt home can be built back, but the life of any human or creatures will never be back once goes away. ISIS must be teach a lesson, how to kills these coward terrorists.

    I am very strange to understand that the Iraq military is showing their hands and letting the ISIS to put their force in the country. It’s a kind of shame on Iraq Army. However, Army is putting all their best to recover the situation back.

    Hey God ! Please Let out Iraq from this massacre of blood.

  6. If I am wrong some where, then please forgive me. I no means to hammer any bodies identity. It’s a kind of coward activity. Killing of innocents is a kind of sin.

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