ISIS adapts to the air strikes and can control the Baghdad airport, says John McCain

United States Senator John McCain
United States Senator John McCain


United States Senator John McCain considered that the aerial bombing does not work with the so-called Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), which adapted to the raids of the international coalition, calling to create more ground troops and arming the Peshmerga, while pointing out that the terrorist organization ISIS is unable to control Baghdad, but can control its airport.

McCain, who is a member of the Armed Services Committee in the United States Congress, said in a statement for CNN followed by that “the aerial bombardment does not work, but there must be more of ground troops on the ground in the form of special forces or something like that,” stressing the need to arm the forces of Kurdish Peshmerga which use old Russian weapons against the organization ISIS that uses American weapons.

He stressed that “the terrorists are able to penetrate Baghdad with explosives and suicide attacks,” and added “we understand that there is no border between Iraq and Syria, at least for ISIS, so why we create the distinction? In Kobanî ,we cannot organize strikes in such neighborhoods,” explaining that “ISIS is able to cope with these raids; we have to understand that whenever ISIS became stronger, the higher danger the United States of America will face.”




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  1. John McCain, Bless his heart, he’s a war hero, but that does’t make him a military tactician. I just love to hear him bump his gums.

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