ISIS ambush civilians while trying to flee Hawija

ISIS attacked families while fleeing from Hawija.
Families escaping ISIS control. File Photo

( Kirkuk – A source in Kirkuk revealed that ISIS members killed and injured 65 civilians while they were trying to escape from Hawija district before they could reach Preshmerga forces.

Sharing details the source further informed, “ISIS members ambush tens of civilians for fleeing Hawija district towards the areas under control Peshmerga forces stationed near Dibs district.”

The source added, “The ISIS members fired indiscriminately toward the civilians, killing 20 persons including nine women and arrested 45 other including six women.”

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  1. wrong decisions made by stupid adults (Men) result in Young Children and women dying ……… feel Sad when world and Iraqi Army and others than the Army helping in this effort finding ways to bring them home safely. Pl Pl Pl our people of Iraq show Patience rather putting Young Children and Women in harms ways

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