ISIS beheads 3 of its elements on charges of theft of shops in Nineveh

Achival photo.
Achival photo.

( Nineveh – According to a local source in Nineveh province, that the so-called ISIS executed three of its elements because they stole shops in the center of the province.

The source said in an interview for “This morning, ISIS cut off the heads of three of its elements¬†on charges of theft of shops and markets amid the province,” pointing out that, “the organization gathered the civilians this morning in Bab tob market; the so-called Sharia Court read the capital punishment. ”

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, added: “ISIS handed over the bodies to their relatives and asked them to have no funeral for them,” noting that, “the three ISIS elements were taking protection money and materials from the owners of the shops.”


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