ISIS beheads Christian children

Representational file photo
Representational file photo

( Canon Andrew White, pastor of Baghdad diocese confirmed that the terrorist organization ISIS is continuing its hunt for Christians in Iraq, noting that it beheaded children of Iraqi Christians for refusing to convert into Islam.

According to the British newspaper ‘Mirror’, White said, “ISIS killings of Christians in Iraq is still ongoing, even after they (Christians) escaped to Nineveh, thinking it was a safe haven, they were tracked down and killed.”

He explained that a large numbers of Christians had been killed for refusing to convert to Islam. The most dangerous situation was when ISIS elements tried to put pressure on a Christian, and threatened to kill his children if he wouldn’t convert to Islam. He was forced to say the words that proved his religious conversion.

White revealed another incident of 4 children, all of which less than 15 years old, were under tremendous pressure to convert into Islam, and beheaded for refusing.


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