ISIS booby-trapped all mosques, minarets in Fallujah, says official

ISIS elements in Fallujah .Archival  photo.
ISIS elements in Fallujah .Archival photo.

( Baghdad- The member of the Human Rights Commission in Iraq Fadel Ghraoui announced that ISIS gangs have booby-trapped all the mosques, minarets, houses  and the roads leading to Fallujah, as well as official institutions so as to inflict the maximum human and material losses.

Ghraoui added through a post published on his official page on the social networking site “Facebook” followed by ”ISIS organization has taken special measures in Fallujah, aimed at systematic genocide of civilians, who violate its instructions, as well as the security forces and al-Hashed al-Shaabi militia and tribal fighters.”


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  1. I doubt those claims because how could local population even maneuver around their own city with that extent of booby traps. What they meant to say is Shiite lead militia has very little support in that city and this will take long long time thru battle of attrition.

  2. As Iraq forces have taken their time to liberate Anbar that has given ISIS plenty of time to boody-trap everything plus plant mines everywhere and prepare exploding vehicles.

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