ISIS celebrates the anniversary of “Conquest of Mosul,” news about the emergence of al-Baghdadi

The ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. File photo.
The ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. File photo.

( Nineveh – On Tuesday, a local official and resident in Nineveh province has revealed, that the ISIS militants are preparing for a major celebration on the occasion of the first anniversary of “Mosul Fall” in the city of Mosul, expecting the emergence of the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to give a victory speech during the event of the celebration.

The local official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, informed, “ISIS has issued an order to its staff and the residents of Mosul to decorate the streets and government buildings in Mosul on the occasion of its occupation of the city,” pointing out that, “The streets of the city of Mosul have witnessed a wide spread of the ISIS militants.”

The official noted, “This evening the group [ISIS] is going to make a major celebration at the Nineveh International Hotel, which it had changed its name to al-Warithin Hotel,” asserting that, “The group’s militants have distributed the invitation cards among its leaders for this event.”

“Unconfirmed news have spread among the leaders of the group indicate that al-Baghdadi is going to show up to give the speech ‘al-Fath wal Nasr’ during the event,” the official added.


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  1. No doubt that secret agents and the airforce will be keeping an eye on Mosul plus elsewhere, so if large gatherings of ISIS leaders do take place then they might bomb the large gatherings.

  2. Iˋm pretty sure that Al-Baghdadi has no risk to be shot . Amis do not bomb that hotell at least in the part where he camped. Obama and al Baghdadi are pals. They are “brothers”, members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Time will tell what is to come. Lets follow the news.

  3. Mohamed and Allah seem to be worshipper so of child abuse as Isis are raping kids in the name of Mohammed so Isis God Allah allows child abuse I say blow Islam up if there God is a child abuser that is wat people are thinking now bloody Isis pedo s .why on earth would Isis rape kids and marry 12 year old girls and Allah approves it disgusting

    • I am so sad for what you will have to go through in the day of judgement…. mark my words.. ur life is in danger..ur words will haunt you…!! Low life prick!!

        • Hey don’t critisise Prophet AND islam.. You see a mirror that is shown by the terrorists.
          If you are interested to know what is islam? Refer the fact of Karbala (story of karbala “The Great Leader Imam Hussain A.S”).
          Stay blessed!

  4. ISIS is a pack of psychically stunted sadistic sociopaths driven by their craven bloodlust to torture human beings to death. This is how these miscreants get their sexual thrills and desperately try to convince themselves that their warped, grotesque existence has any meaning. ISIS is a cancer on the face of the earth, a rotting, fetid boil in the tissue of humanity.

  5. Hey, I wonder what ‘celebration’ looks like for ISIS .. no dancing, no music, no drinking, no women, just sit around quoting the rantings of a child-molester and die when you’re told to. Have a great, great time guys.

  6. I don’t think isis or any other terrorist group can terrorized people for long time,as a non Muslim, I don’t have much knowledge about Islam, but I’m very sure, no religion can permit us to kill innocent people,burn their property,rape,murder, even run a prostitution racket, I know even great God condemned it, but the crazy so called dumb headed people close their eyes,and the follow the sick minded people, shame shame how they disobey their gods order,and spread the poison of religious madness, but this show must be end, soon the whole world will stand against this groups..and we will fight back… God is truth…and God with us…

  7. ISIS is the proof that grotesque retarded animals may have human appearance.
    They speak like humans, they breath like humans, they even preach like humans, but they are not humans, they are a grotesque and primitive abnormal human ADN variation, like virus.

  8. Islam is a religion of peace. It brings peace to the heart and it has sympathy for the poor no matter what religion. How it is interpreted by these maniacs is no reflection of Gods will or on his great prophets. Evil is to refuse gods complete love for all creations. All I hear here is ignorance from people who do not recognise the love Islam has for humanity. Now back to these maniacs they are very dnagerous and the muslim and non muslim world need to unit once and for all. And they need to respect each other beliefs. It’s no body’s right to criticize other cultures just because they are different. Peace be with you

  9. what in reality of ISIS is contradiction to muslim practice, destroy the relief associated with islam culture, herritages etc.

  10. Be great for Bagdaddi dumbass to come out and give a speech…..or is he too much of a coward, what with Iraq tightening the noose and cutting off everything…Mosul residents stand up and will be liberated soon, as an American I apologize for the slow dumbass president Obama, we do support your efforts for democracy and freedom… brave, .it will only take one shot, you can do it Mosul. Won’t be long Obama will be gone, and Trump will turn show some leadership and give the green light for coalition forces to go all out with the annnilhation of Isis, take about a month once we let loose…….ISIS cannot handle a straight up war….Allah will be pleased with their termination I am sure.

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