ISIS child with Asian features executes old teacher northern Salahuddin

ISIS Asian childern.
ISIS Asian childern.

( Diyala – A senior security source in Diyala province announced on Tuesday, that an ISIS child that bears Asian features executed an old teacher northern of Salahuddin.

The source said in an interview for “ISIS organization, which has been stationed in the district of Sharqat northern Salahuddin, brought an old teacher detained for several weeks, because of his refusal to the ideas of the organization, into one of the main streets; the so-called Sharia Court read the content of his sentence. ”

The source, who asked anonymity, added: “a child at the age of about 10 years with Asian features carried out the execution of the teacher after being shot on the back of his head.”

It is noteworthy that ISIS carried out dozens of executions against those who reject its ideas within the areas under its control, especially in Salahuddin.


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  1. They looks to large around the stomach area so they might be wearing explosive belts under their clothes.

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