ISIS communications officer killed in ambush north of Tikrit

Committee Chairman Sadiq al-Husseini
Committee Chairman Sadiq al-Husseini

Diyali ( A security source in Diyali Provincial Council announced, that the special units in Diyali police force has managed to kill the ISIS communications officer in an ambush north of Tikrit.

The president of the security committee in Diyali Provincial Council, Sadek al-Husseini, stated for IraqiNews in an interview, “A force from the special units of Diyali police backed by al-Hashed al-Sha’bi militia has set up an ambush in the eastern outskirts of al-Fatha area in north of Tikrit city,” pointing out that, “The force has managed to kill the ISIS military communications officer, who hold an Australian citizenship, alongside 3 of his aides in Salahuddin province.”


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  1. You are wrong as any Australian who joined ISIL the Australian Government cancelled their passport and citizenship where they are no longer are an Australian citizen. If they tried to enter Australia they would be arrested and where they would appear in court and face a lifetime in prison. Australia has fighter planes in Iraq dropping bombs on ISIL and certainly would even drop a bombs on anyone who previously was an Australian. So please do not say that he is an Australian citizen for he certainly is NOT.

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