ISIS controls eastern part of Ramadi, says Anbar Council

File photo of ISIS elements
File photo of ISIS elements

( Anbar Provincial Council member Athal Fahdawi stated on Thursday, that the ISIS organization now dominates the eastern part of Ramadi, and is besieging the city from all sides.

Fahdawi said in an interview for, “ISIS was able to impose its control over the eastern part of the city of Ramadi.”

Fahdawi added, “ISIS is besieging Ramadi city from all directions, and there is only one passageway east of the city which we use to move between Ramadi and the city of Khalidiya (23 km east of Ramadi).”

Fahdawi called to speed up the process of sending military reinforcements, ammunition and weapons to the security forces, the police and the tribal fighters amid fears of ISIS attack on Ramadi.


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