ISIS executes 3 Arab suicide bombers in Hawija

ISIS members. File photo.
ISIS members. File photo.

( Kirkuk – Leader at al-Hashd al-Shaabi, Odai al-Khedran, announced on Wednesday, that the Islamic State extremist group executed three suicide bombers, including a Saudi, in the district of Hawija, after escaping from a detention center.

Khedran said in a press statement, “The ISIS executed three of his suicide bombers holding Arab nationalities, including a 20-year-old Saudi member, after escaping from a detention center in Hawija district, southwest of Kirkuk.”

“The executed suicide bombers were informed to be prepared to launch a suicide attack using booby-trapped vehicles,” Khedran added. “The ISIS detains its suicide bombers inside prison-like centers to isolate them from any outer effects,” Khedran explained.

ISIS captured the district of Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk since June 2014, and it is considered one of its key strongholds in Iraq.

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  1. isis is executing civilians faster than a bomb so get in there and never mind civilians, get the monsters before they get you

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