ISIS executes 48 young men in Hawija

ISIS elements during the implementation of an execution operation (archival photo).
ISIS members carrying out execution. File Photo

( Kirkuk – A security source informed on Friday, that ISIS executed at least 48 civilians, who tried to escape from the areas under ISIS control in Hawija district in Kirkuk province north of Iraq.

Sharing information the source said, “ISIS executed over 48 young men were, who were arrested from the city of Hawija and several places of al-Abbasi, Zab and Riyadh towns and were kept in secret prisons. They were arrested on charges of collaborating with the security forces.”

“Of all the captives, some were shot at and killed by the firing squad, while some were beheaded. The men were arrested while tried to break free of ISIS control and escape to the areas under the control of Iraqi Army and the Shia militia,” further added the source seeking anonymity.

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