ISIS executes ‘spy’ first by shooting and then beheading, films entire operation

Man alleged to be a spy before being shot dead by ISIS
Man alleged to be a spy, tied to a pole, before being shot dead by ISIS

( Baghdad – A well placed source in Baghdad informed Iraqi News that in yet another incident of extreme brutality, ISIS has filmed the execution of a person, allegedly a spy, who was tied to a pole before being shot dead.

“ISIS released another propaganda video showing a man tied to a pole before he is shot dead with a machine gun. The man is then beheaded by an assailant,” the source informed seeking anonymity.

“In typical ISIS fashion the man is interviewed by soldiers before his death where he refers to himself as a rafidi,” the source added.

It may be mentioned here that a rafidi or rafida, is an Islamic term meaning ‘rejectors’ or ‘those who refuse’ and refers to people who have rejected ‘legitimate’ Islamic authority and leadership.

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