ISIS executes women for refusing to have sex with its fighters, says Kurdish official

ISIS elements file photo.
ISIS elements file photo.

( Dohuk – Media official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul, Said Mimousini, said on Monday, that ISIS executed 19 women in Mosul, attributing the cause to refusing the practice of the so-called sexual jihad.

Mimousini said in an interview for, “ISIS executed 19 women in the city of Mosul during the past two days,” claiming that, “the penalty decision came on the background of the refusal to participate in the practice of sexual jihad.”

He added that the last period has seen splits in the ranks of ISIS in Mosul and internal conflicts because of the money and distribution of women.

Mimousini also pointed out to the killing of 2 Kurdish militants in the city of Mosul.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party spokesman Saeed Mamouzini. File photo.
The Kurdistan Democratic Party spokesman Saeed Mamouzini. File photo.

Noteworthy, Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights announced on December 16, 2014, that ISIS had executed at least 150 women, including pregnant ones, on the back of their refusal to marry its militants, while noted that the organization buried the women in mass graves in Anbar.

Last month, Hana Nawafili, an official of the Iraqi Observatory for the Defense of Battered Women, stated for al-Maalomah news agency that ISIS had gang-raped seven female residents in Fallujah.


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  1. No different to forced marriage as ISIS also uses that to have sex with women and if they refuse to marry and have sex then ISIS will kill the women.

  2. Nothing more than stone age, knuckle dragging barbarians. Islam is incompatible with the modern world. It is an evil that must be wiped from the planet.

    • Dear Leo Bassy, I can and rather I do understand your rage and it’s disgrace to humanity forget about religion. No one can be better or best in his/her religion if he isn’t better and best in being a human. These barbaric acts are done by those terrorists dear not by ISLAM. ISLAM teaches that a man who doesn’t respect women doesn’t achieves anything even if he offers prayers of 5 times a day. A women has heaven under her feet and if a man disrespects her that’s something ALLAH never forgives nor forgets. ISLAM is all about peace and love and respect. Those ISIS people are neither Muslim nor humans. Yes it’s pity they do it in name of religion but my religion never allows such acts such henious acts. I am also muslim and proud to be one. and I know what it teaches me to be a better human. IT’S NOT ISLAM TO BE BLAMED.. WIPE THOSE WHO DOES SO IN NAME OF OUR RELIGION. IN NAME OF MY RELIGION. HOPE YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR PROSPECTIVE NOW AND IF NOT THEN AT LEAST THINK ABOUT IT.

      • This is the beginning of WWIII and the rise of the antichrist as predicted in the BIBLE. Please repent of your rebellion of unbelief NOW and put your trust and faith in Jesus Christ the only Messiah, Son of God Yehweh, and son of man today for forgiveness and restoration to Himself, our creator. Time is almost out, and the rapture of His saints is quickly coming up for all those that have repented and been born again by His Holy Spirit to taken us up into heaven with Him, as His bride, and return with Him to establish the new heavens and earth with Him. Amen.

      • Islam is the most intolerant religion in the world ….It is founded on complete domination and total disrespect for women …….Muslims are never seen in a parade or hospital or in any American group that freely helps other needy people…….They pray to God for themselves and for power to overcome peaceful forces around them ….a Muslim does not know how to pray for another person as our Christian faith teaches us to pray for all men …the fact that they will not interact with other groups reveals their real intent for world domination …..thank God for Christian charities like the Salvation Army …..Muslims reject all of this as they spend praying to Alla for their own selfish needs directed to enslaving women and the world

      • The Koran states over 100 times to convert people to Islam or kill them , kill the infideli ( which really means to kill Believers of the Only True Living God, Lord Jesus Christ!!!

      • Dear Syed Shahansha Uddin Islam,
        As an adherent of this ideology, you do not know the history of what you seem to believe-in and follow. One thing that can’t be undone, is historical fact(s).
        Take the time to watch/listen to this historical research;

        If you should finish that, see the main website where there is a literal library of history:

  3. what a bunch of morons. I agree, it does speak volumes that these women would rather die than be with those single digit IQ’d testosterone-filled women-hating schmucks.

  4. Sooner or later we are going to bomb these beasts back to the Stone Age. The limit of what the world can accept has long been exceeded. They will feel their own medicine, and we should soak them in pig blood, pack them into a pig and lower them into the Nile.

    • You can’t bomb them into the stone age. Stone age people are too civilized to accept these people. Bomb into pieces, even better.

  5. This is a B******T report devoid of any facts. Following your western masters who are experts in creating fabricated stories against their enemy…… ALL these fabricated stories won’t help you in any way…………….

    • Eric, there have been videos of atrocities that occurred throughout that region of the world.
      The ‘book’ itself and the ‘side writings’ are evidence in themselves. I do believe that world has woken up to the fact that this dark ideology is in hijra mode and, because of that fact, there has to be retribution/defense just as there was during the days of the Crusades.
      To put it bluntly; there wouldn’t have been any Crusades had there not been a march(es) toward the West. Find Dr Bill Warner on the web; he explains the entire history explicitly.

  6. With respect to everyone suffering at the hands of these people, something needs to be done now to these people imitating people of Islamic faith. I call it the Islamic inquisition because these people are not representing any faith at all, just like the Catholic inquisition were murderers imitating people of Catholic faith, but I can’t be name calling such a horrible chapter of humanity that nations like us are not fully standing up to. Why? Is it because other nations are waiting for our move, but we ain’t doing anything until after the election? Innocent people are dying, but our politicians will get to that after their campaigns..Wake up, US military! Either we fight them there now, or fight them here later. I refuse to vote until I see our CIA prepping the WHOLE place for allied troops to force them all into Iran, and trash anything saying Japan can’t have a military.

    • DamArt, you err greatly by saying that certain people are misrepresenting this ‘dark ideology.’
      The ‘founder’ himself did the same things during his lifetime that the jihadists are doing today; it’s been this way for more than 1400+ years. Research – politicalislamDOTcom

  7. dear LeoBassy your comments are really shame comments about Islam. you claim to be civilized but not seem. we hate those people who commit crimes in any form. We dont regard these barbaric people not even human being. For us these are just black spot and those who support them and who created them.

  8. those animals deserve a cold-blooded head-shot, no questions asked, no final words spoken. Why does no lobby or government really care about the fate of these poor women? All in on Irak and Afghanistan.. for what?? When it comes to protecting morality and values, money makers and wannabe righteous politicians close not one but both eyes!

  9. Now is the time for us all to stand United against the filth. So called moderate Muslims need to stand against extremists all over the world or be viewed as extreme themselves. People it is time to put our differences to bed, we can argue and bicker after this blight on humanity has been eradicated. They will not be cured. They will not stop untill they have taken our lands our women and our lives. You need to forget about the nice things in life and prepare for war because if you don’t take the war to them they will bring it to you. It will be your children that they will execute. It will be your problem.

  10. The punishment given to those brave women is unislamic, inhumane and immoral by every respect of any law and religion in the world.
    I think that the ISIS must practise threesome gayism as this is the only solution to their satanic hunger and thirst.

  11. Allah Huagbar
    Islam Zindabaad
    Please Wreed.
    Innalahaha Maasaberin

    Hi I’m Binsohan.I’m 24 years old.I’m Indian Sunni mobile no is +919853000310.

    I Request You all My Muslims Brothers.
    ISIS Please stop the Killing the Innocent people .
    If You belive you are Right community and they Allah punnised him.why you???
    Pleas Help poor People.Yateem Kids. That is Jihad.
    Not killing innocent people is jihad.Islam is A love Religion you know
    I request you Again my All Muslim brother .who join the ISIS come back.
    If you want fight so Fight the poorness.Fight For poor and innocent people by low.
    Come back
    Come back
    Come brace
    Allah Huagbar
    Islam zindabaad

  12. @Syed Shahansha Uddin Islam

    We need to hear from more peaceful loving Muslims like you. As Americans, we want to hear your voice of reason…of respect for all human life. Encourage those around you to do as you have done and reach out. I commend your understanding of why Americans are somewhat skeptical of the Islamic faith. Speaking out against despicable actions of ISIS in the name of Islam should not be tolerated by peace loving Muslims. Continue to voice your opposition as this will go a long way to proving that extreme Islamic beliefs are not acceptable among the majority of Muslims.

  13. The atrocities of the ISIS terrorists by molesting the women is highly irregular. These culprits should be killed by encounter! there is no other source to keep them peace.

  14. Islam needs to be wiped out urgently if we want the world to be peaceful & safe for a civilized human being. Islam produced persons like Osama bin laden ,masood azhar , Gaddafi, saddam Hussein & al baghdadi & anti human organizations like Isis , Taliban , & so many other terrorist organizations prevailing & active in world. Let’s unite to make world free from Islam. Burn Quran in public meetings . teach Muslims to shun this bad religion & adopt any religion or even no religion.

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