ISIS families flee Mosul amid intense aerial bombing

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Nineveh – More than 43 targets belonging to ISIS and the group’s defenses in the Mosul Dam axis were destroyed by air strikes and artillery shelling in Nineveh causing the families of ISIS members to flee from the city, Al Sumaria reported on Monday.

Al Sumaria stated “Today, aircraft of Iraqi Air Force and the international coalition air force bombarded more than 43 targets belonging to ISIS in Nineveh, completely destroying its headquarters, barracks and weapons caches.”

“Members of the ISIS started to shave their beards and get rid of the Afghan uniform,” Al Sumaria added. “The defense lines of ISIS terrorist gangs collapsed in the axis of Mosul Dam after the security forces started the battle to liberate the city,” Al Sumaria explained.

Iraqi media outlets also revealed that the families of the ISIS members fled from the city of Mosul toward Nawran village, west of Bashiqa, due to the intense artillery shelling of the Iraqi army and Peshmerga forces on their headquarters.

Meanwhile, al-Hashd al-Shaabi militia started to remove sand berms from al-Shoura axis after destroying 16 military barracks belong to the ISIS.


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  1. Without Erdogan buying the IS oil for years for cheap, without the USA arming ISIS via Qatar, this Daesh Horror wouldn’t have had ANY chance. After all, Saddam H. and Gaddafi were 100 times better than what we have now. I hope Assad will REMAIN. Syria was a great secular state until the doctor Assad decided for the Iranian, Syrian pipeline and not the Saudi.Qatar.USA one. This was the key to insert scum to Syria and start that crazy proxy war in the name of DemoCrazy. All shall GET OUT OF SYRIA unless invited by Assad. Like vulptures, the invaders all want a piece of Land of Syria. May God help Assad or if there is no God then may Putin help him. Daesh has to be erased from the map of all countries. You should cooperate to erase this scum Daesh and their brainwashed families, DO NOT sent them to Syria. I pray for all the Iraki soldiers and their families. It will be a tough battle.

  2. The Iraqi brave Army should finish the jobs of eliminating all the terrorists, mainly the Saudi; we can’t afford to take prisoners; executing them of the spot. Once we finish this job, the victorious Iraqi army should move on the Saudi; to get rid of this cancer in our mid.

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