ISIS female vigilantes escape summons for suicide attacks, one executed

ISIS women fighters.
ISIS women fighters.

( Nineveh – Female vigilantes for the self-proclaimed Islamic State are collectively escaping the city of Mosul after leaderships ordered them to ready up for suicide bombings, Alsumaria News reported, adding that the group executed one of those women.

The so-called “biters” are collectively fleeing to other unknown destinations inside Mosul, and the group is searching for them in its strongholds at the eastern coast of the city to punish them for escaping recruitment for the planned suicide squads. The suicide teams are designed to hold off the advancing Iraqi government and popular forces, a local source told the network.

“ISIS has executed one of its biters in Dawasa, west of Mosul, for violating the declaration of allegiance to supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,” said the source, who added that the incident was unprecedented.

The ISIS “biters” force was formed to levy punishments on women who fail to commit to the group’s strict rules on public modesty. Vigilantes would bite the hands of violating women, hence the name.

ISIS is struggling to defend Mosul, its last bastion in Iraq, against the advancing Iraqi forces which launched a campaign in Mid October to retake the city.

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