ISIS flogs civilian in Hawija because of this song discovered on his mobile

ISIS flogs a civilian. File photo.
ISIS member flogs a civilian. File photo.

( Kirkuk – Iraqi media outlets announced on Wednesday that ISIS flogged a civilian in central Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk, because of a song by the Emirati singer Hussain al-Jasmi which was discovered on his cell phone.

Al Sumaria reported “Today, ISIS found a song of the artist Hussain al-Jasmi on a civilian’s phone during a snap inspection at a security checkpoint in central Hawija.”

Hussain al-Jasmi’s cheerful song, “We Are All Iraq”, urges solidarity with the people in the war-torn country and its music video, as seen below, has been viewed on YouTube over 16 million times.

“The song sparked anger and resentment among ISIS militants, and pushed them to arrest the civilian and transfer him to a detention center,” Al Sumaria explained. “ISIS punished the civilian with 20 lashes,” Al Sumaria added.

“ISIS prohibits listening to songs in general, and conducts sudden inspections on the civilians’ phones from time to time,” Al Sumaria stated.

ISIS has controlled Hawija district in Kirkuk province for over two years, and since then it seeks to impose its radical vision on all aspects of life in the district. Meanwhile, the Iraqi forces are preparing to launch a military operation to free the district from the grip of the extremist group.

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