ISIS foreign fighters began mass escape from Anbar Province, says official

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( al-Anbar – On Wednesday, a local official of the Shiite Endowment Authority in Anbar province revealed, that the foreign elements of ISIS have begun a mass escape from Anbar, stressing that the Iraqi fighters within ISIS are asking for “amnesty.”

Samy Masoudi, an official of the Shiite Endowment Authority, said in a brief statement obtained by, “Intelligence sources of Wadullah forces confirmed a mass escape of foreign fighters among ISIS from Anbar province, while Iraqi fighters of ISIS are asking for amnesty.”

Earlier today the Joint Operations Command announced the cleansing of three areas in Anbar from ISIS militants as pointed out to the killing of 19 “terrorists” and the destruction of a defensive site belonging to them in an aerial bombardment in the province.


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  1. ISIS fighters know that several thousand Iraqi forces are advancing slowly in Anbar so some of the ISIS fighters certainly would be starting to panic to save themselves.

  2. Is anybody watching where the ISIS terrorists are escaping. To which countries are they
    going into, is it Turkey, the Kurdish region and so on. The ISIS terrorists must be caught,
    made to talk, and finally exterminated.

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