ISIS broadcasts executions and battle scenes in ‘Media Centers’ throughout Mosul


Mosul ( The so-called Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) installed a number of  ‘Media Centers’ in public areas of Mosul. These Media Centers are rooms in which there is a screen to display multimedia documenting the battles and executions of ISIS, while the elements who present inside these rooms distribute printed publications issued by the terrorist group.

A citizen stated, “Members of ISIS arrived with a portable room — which is similar to a kiosk and placed it on the side of the road in the Cultural Group area of Mosul — attaching to one of its exteriors a large screen and mounting a sign saying ‘Media Center’ on it.”

The citizen added, “We assumed that this ‘Media Center’ would broadcast historical films or religious shows, but we were surprised to find scenes of blood and murder that included clashes, executions and slaughters. The organization said that these battles were waged in Iraq and Syria.”

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