ISIS kidnaps 50 civilians near Kirkuk after they burn ISIS flag


Kirkuk ( A security source in Kirkuk province on Thursday stated that “The ISIS group have kidnapped 50 civilians who belong to one of the villages in the province, shortly after the people of the village burned the ISIS flag to declare their opposition of the ISIS existence in south of Kirkuk.

The source said that a group of militants driving armored cars this afternoon blockaded al-Tal village, 55 km in the west from Kirkuk, then kidnapped 50 men from the village.

A resident in the province expressed there is a furious anger upon the ISIS for kidnapping the Iraqi civilians, noting that the armed clans in the province to seek clash plan with the ISIS militants if their kidnapped relatives are set not free.

It is worth pointing, that the province of Kirkuk witnesses constant clashes with the ISIS militants especially in the south wherein the ISIS has intense presence.


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  1. As an American the Iraqi News best source. Turks gone all reporters in jail Moslem Brotherhood. Won’t be visiting quatar in near future. Only trusted as an American is (not the f*****g Perisians either) is President Sisii and Egypt. Ugly times upon the lands. My country no help till 2016 then to late. Pray Sunnis and Shias make peace. I think we as Americans owe u all an apology. Why no comments on this site? Mark

    • Mark,
      You clearly do not write English fluently or correctly. So I doubt you are American. Regardless, the only good point you make is that the various factions should live in peace.

      There is a famous quote . . .
      When you love your children more than you hate (your perceived enemy) there will be peace.


      • Floyd Mayweather is an American and cannot even read.
        So making the assumption that someone who cannot type in the english language, is not American, makes an a*s out of yourself.

      • Juan,

        You clearly do not write Navajo fluently or correctly. So I doubt you are truly American. See how that works? Don’t question someone’s origin without reason and simply based on their grammar, it’s incredibly rude. You’re making Americans look like all-around a******s where it’s completely unwarranted. Don’t like it? I’m sure you know the process for renouncing your citizenship and getting the f**k out of our country.

    • Mark,

      You’re not an American. Why do you need to lie to make your point? Why should America owe an apology? It’s always “Damned if we do, damned if we don’t” on this fukking planet. You want our help, then we help, and then we are the white devil that kills innocents!

      I’d love to see what would happen to this world if America DID pull back all of our troops and bases. Russia and China would dominate. Is THAT what the world wants? Russian and Chinese bases everywhere? HA, that’s be glorious!

      • Outside of a long-term interest in Taiwan, can you point out Chinese military involvement outside their immediate borders?

        The worry over china is economic, not military.

    • Hey where have ya been for the last 40+ years ofcourse USA is the SELF APPOINTED (I might add) WORLD POLICE THEY JUST DO A REALLY SHITTY JOB OF IT.

  2. In all honesty, I agree with Mark. We do owe the Iraqi people an apology. We were blindly led into this war by lies perpetuated by neo- conservatives. There were no WMDs, we took out the only man who was holding the area together. The U.S. had no plan when they went in other than “saving the world by killing Brown people”. We made a mess, then abruptly left the place in shambles. IMHO the Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Bush should all be tried as war criminals. As General MacArthur said to JFK, “Never get involved in a land war in Asia. “

  3. America became the world police when they started arming countries with weapons, training troops in other countries, occupying other countries with their own military presence, killing people in other countries, etc, etc in other countries.

  4. Just f*****g kill these ISIS f***s already. I’m not normally the war-mongery type, but goddamnit, these a******s are asking for it.

  5. I think he was referring to we invaded Iraq for a b******t reason left the country completely messed up and then pulled most our troops out before the new country got established. Which allowed ISIS to take control of a good section of the country.

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  7. Just f*****g kill these ISIS f***s already. I’m not normally the war-mongery type, but goddamnit, these a******s are asking for it.

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