ISIS kidnaps 127 children from Mosul to train them in special camps, says Mamouzini

ISIS childen elements file photo.
Representational file photo. Dohuk – Media official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul Saeed Mamouzini revealed on Monday, that ISIS has kidnapped 127 children in Mosul to train them in the ranks of the organization, emphasizing that the father of a detained child had killed two ISIS members while trying to prevent the kidnapping of his son.

Mamouzini said in an interview for, “The organization kidnapped, during the past few days, 127 children aged between 11 to 15 years,” noting that “these children have entered in special camps to be trained on the use of weapons and implementation of terrorist operations.”

Mamouzini added that ” “ISIS had kidnapped hundreds of children during the last period, and they were trained to carry out suicide operations.”

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