ISIS leader Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi orders bodies of all Kurdish fighters to be burned

that the leader of the so-called the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
that the leader of the so-called the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

( On Sunday, the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights announced that the leader of the so-called the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, issued a statement in which he ordered his followers to burn the bodies of Kurdish Peshmerga fighters who fought in the Syrian city Kobanî while condemning the Albu Nimr tribe of which 322 members were executed by ISIS militants in the district of the Hit.

The ministry said in a statement received by, “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, issued a statement in which he asked his followers to burn the bodies of Peshmerga members, desiring to take revenge for their support of Kurdish fighters in the Syrian city of Kobanî.”


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  1. ISIS is the real face of Islam, as Islam always been a religion of violence and killing abducting women and children. ISIS is just doing what Islam and kuran allowed to do

    • Dear Aram,
      I request you to please respect the religion Islam and holy book Kuran.
      No religion says to kill innocent people and do violence.
      ISIS are just terrorist , they are terroizing/killing people to again political control, disrespecting their own religion.
      Any sort of crime against humanity must be condemened stronly.It’s noting to do with religion my dear.

      • As much as you don’t like, Aram has the right to his opinion. What he says is simply what most of people in the world actually thinks.

        • Correct u r and Aram if you consider this ISIS as being the real ISLAMIST S.
          If you look at the other side, there is 180 angled diversion , ISLAM that is followed by these ISIS and DAISH are indifferently believers of people who didn’t accept ISLAM from the very beginning, might be they DISGUISED themselves for some political interests and pretended to be MUSLIMS..
          Its really an unjustified gesture to declare them as actual MUSLIMS, consult ISLAMIC HISTORY and see what were the motives behind this disguised TONE as DISTORTED ISLAM…

          As a logical instrument, I ask you , as one who is the genuine successor and believer of something would not be trying ever to benefit from it, and he would do anything , sacrifice his everything, life ,wealth, family and whatever he as.
          On contrary the one who who has been adept and disguised believer will always serve for his interests….at any any cost..

          Now you need to look for who has been the beneficiary of ISLAM and who has been sacrificing from the very first day of Mohammed s.a.w.w death …

          Now if you depict those intruders to be real MUSLIMS and followers of MOHAMMADs ideology, you are really lost and mistaken..

          Real ISLAM as defined by Mohammed and his progeny is religion of total peace, love and harmony….so plz try to study at your own and make your opinion…

          • I won’t say that ISIS is the real face of ISLAM as some Muslims are even good but this is also true that most of the terrorist groups are run and funded by Muslims. Can anyone reply to this question that why this is happening?

      • f theses guys arent your run of the mill muslim, why dont the “averages muslims” sign up and go wipe them out. Clean up your own mess for once. GOD

      • “I request you to please respect the religion islam and holy book Kuran” – man f**k that, that’s the entire problem with islam, there’s a thing called religous freedom wich allows you to just say “f**k it, I wont buy it” to any religion in the world, and that right is just as important as your right to have the foot of allah stomp on your neck 5 times a day.

        Muslims have NEVER understood the concept of equal respect for beliefs and that’s their major issue, I fully agree Aram here, ISIS is showing the true face of Islam.

  2. interesting diddly daddy appears to be losing it lately. Running around in Mosul trying not to get bombed while declaring he loves death more then life. people in RAQQA trusting to get the hell out of there, or better yet sending out pics and information on how FU the caliphate is. Now his biggest concern is burning Kurds. Maybe he over due for a psych evaluation? And I serious about that by the way.

  3. This Israeli-American agent will burn in hell for eternity along with his followers, supporters and Commanders. May Allah throw these sinners in the deepest parts of hell.

  4. Dear Mr. ISIS posterboy
    The other day in the congo a suspected ISIS militant was Captured by the enraged crowd after days of murder rape and pillage by the ISIS…he was stoned to death, burned on a fire and Eaten by them
    you are amateurs

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