ISIS leader al-Baghdadi’s cousin carries out suicide bombing at checkpoint in Iraq

Cousin of ISIS leader , who blew himself up
Cousin of ISIS leader , who blew himself up


( The British newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ wrote on Friday, that the cousin of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has carried out a suicide bombing at a checkpoint in Iraq, pointed out that the organization has lately stepped up its suicide operations by using “vulnerable teenagers.”

The newspaper said in a report, “It appears ISIS’s growing strategy of using teenage suicide bombers indicates their continued focus on indoctrinating impressionable local teenagers and turning them into deadly bombers.”

The newspaper continued, “Al-Badri’s martyrdom photo was released recently alongside fellow teenage suicide bomber Abu Yaqoub al-Iraqi…The teenage duo carried out joint suicide missions in ISIS’s latest offensive on the Baiji oil refinery in Salahuddin province.”
“ISIS have not just used local teenagers as suicide bombers in Iraq. Australian fighter Jake Bilardi, 18, from Melbourne, detonated a van filled with barrels of explosives near Iraqi armed forces in Ramadi,” it added. …

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