ISIS leaders in Tel Afar start to flee toward Syria

ISIS members in Mosul. File photo.
ISIS members in Mosul. File photo.

Nineveh – ( Iraqi media outlets reported on Saturday, that leaders of the Islamic State extremist group started to flee toward Syria, along with their families, due to the advance of security forces from army, police and al-Hashd al-Shaabi in Tel Afar district east of Mosul.

Alsumaria News stated, “Security forces from the army’s 92nd brigade, police and al-Hashd al-Shaabi approached the center of Tel Afar district (55 km west of Nineveh),” adding that, “Leaders of the Islamic State extremist group in the district started to flee toward the Syrian territories.”

“Al-Hasdh al-Shaabi forces approached the main road linking between Tel Afar and Sinjar, and Tel Afar road toward the Syrian territories,” Alsumaria explained.

Earlier today, ISIS leader of the Chechen Brigade, along with five of his aides were killed in armed confrontations against the forces from al-Hashd al-Shaabi near Tel Afar district, in western Nineveh.


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  1. Al-Hasdh al-Shaabi forces are as determined as Daesh leadership. Unfortunately for Daesh their slave soldiers are not.

  2. Catch the Bastards and run them in like the swine they are and let a public trial convict them for crimes against nature and humanity then lock their sorry asses up in cages and douse them in fuel just like they did Muath Safi Yousef Al-Kasasbeh and let the Mom and Dad of Muath Safi Yousef Al-Kasasbeh lite the match and toss it!!! We will NEVER forget NEVER!!!

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