ISIS lost 25%-30% of land in Iraq, says Pentagon

Pentagon spokesman, Lt. Col. Steven Warren
Pentagon spokesman, Lt. Col. Steven Warren

( US Department of Defense ‘Pentagon’ announced on Tuesday, that the ISIS organization has lost from 25% to 30% of the land in Iraq since August and the beginning of the US-led international coalition’s aerial attacks.

Pentagon spokesman, Lt. Col. Steven Warren said, “ISIS is no longer the dominant force on 25% to 30% of the populated areas in Iraq.”

The areas that ISIS lost control of are from 13 to 17 square kilometers, specifically in northern and central Iraq, according to the American spokesman.

Warren added that, “ISIS is slowly retreating, but the battle will take long.”


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  1. That’s just politics but military wise the US is getting concerned that it is taking Iraq so long to get rid of ISIL out of Iraq. Particularly when Iraq’s Military Forces are considerable superior in quantity of soldiers, and considerably superior in quantity of weapons and variety of weapons, as compared to ISIL.

  2. Why the American Goverment didn’t want to take this Isis issue serious like the way they toke the past one?

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