ISIS militants strip families of their holdings at Mosul gates

The ISIS members. File photo.
The ISIS members. File photo.

( Nineveh – Iraqi media outlets reported on Monday, that militant from the Islamic State stripped Iraqi families of their holdings at the gates of the city of Mosul, while pointed out to the death of three elderly people and a small child as a result of fatigue and exhaustion.

Al Sumaria News stated, “Today, ISIS militants put strict checkpoints at the entrances of the city of Mosul for the families that were forcibly brought from the villages liberated by the joint security forces.”

“The ISIS detachments stripped the families of all private holdings, including of gold jewelery, money and cell phones,” Al Sumaria added. “Three elderly persons, including a woman, as well as a child died at the entrances of Mosul as a result of fatigue, tiredness and ill-treatment by the ISIS militants,” Al Sumaria explained.

The ISIS forced hundreds of families to move from villages near Mosul and rural areas to the city, in order to be used as human shields in the battles against the joint security forces.

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