ISIS Military Commander in Fallujah, 8 other members killed in Karma area

Archival photo
Archival photo

( Anbar – On Wednesday, al-Hashed al-Shaabi Command in Anbar Province announced the death of the Military Commander of Fallujah area in the so-called ISIS, along with eight of his associates during the cleansing battles of al-Karma area east of Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad).

The Commander of the 3rd Regiment of al-Hashed al-Shaabi Colonel Mahmoud Mardi Jumaili stated, “Today, security forces have carried out a large-scale military operation against the strongholds of ISIS in Subaihat area in al-Karma District (19 km east of Fallujah), killing Mishan Abdul Hamid Jumaili (Abu Obeida) who was also known as the Military Commander of Fallujah area in ISIS, along with eight of his associates.”

Jumaili added, “The security forces were also able to destroy three vehicles equipped with heavy and medium weapons in Subaihat area,” noting that, “The cleansing battles are ongoing in the vicinity of al-Karma east of Falluja to weaken ISIS capabilities and drain their forces.”

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