ISIS military commander of Kartan killed in coalition strike east of Ramadi

Archival photo
Archival photo

( president of Khalediya District Council in Anbar, Ali Dawood, announced on Sunday the killing of the ISIS military commander in the area of Kartan, along with 15 of his aides, during an aerial bombing by the international coalition east of Ramadi.

Dawood said in a statement followed by, “This evening, warplanes of the international coalition bombarded one of the ISIS headquarters in the area of Kartan in the district of Khalediya (23 km east of Ramadi),” noting that, “A gathering of [ISIS] elements were gathering in the headquarters.”

He also added, “The bombing was carried out in coordination with Anbar Operations, while resulted in the death of the military commander of the area of Kartan, known as Diaa Adel Khalil al-Akawi, along with 15 of his aides.”

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